Surrounded by rolling hills, you will always be reminded of nature in the Whitney Ranch™ community. Great care was taken to see that Whitney Ranch was built to last… not only the homes, but the land that surrounds it and the open space in between.


All of the builders in the Whitney Ranch community offer Energy Star® certified homes, and many of them offer solar power as an option. Homebuilders are required to use trees in their landscaping plans helping to ensure shady walkways and tree-lined streetscapes.


Exercise helps keep you healthy and in the Whitney Ranch community there are more than five miles of trails to explore. Fitness activities take place at the Ranch House and in the parks as well.

Open Space

Over 75 acres of open space has been preserved as permanent open space within the first phase of the Whitney Ranch community, and more than 100 acres is planned as open space in future phases. The Whitney Ranch open space benefits the community by adding additional educational and recreational opportunities.  This open space and many of the community trails are surrounded by native, grasses, shrubs and plant life helping to reduce the need for irrigation and mowing.


One Big Bin

Within Placer County residents place all household garbage, from food waste to newspapers, in One Big Bin. The local Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) then sorts and recycles it. All trash and recyclables go through a series of mechanical and manual sorting processes to separate materials by size and type. With equipment engineered to efficiently sort recyclable materials from non-recyclable trash MRF diverts approximately 40% of the material received from going to the landfill, helping Placer County comply with state-mandated recycling rates. So residents don't have to worry about sorting their trash, they just toss it all into One Big Bin.